Cardiovascular Department

Cardiovascular Department

Keeping your heart safe!

When it comes to any heart-related health hazards, our team of professional cardio & vascular experts know what they’re doing. This is true for both heart attacks and necessary coronary interventions.

These are the main heart diseases that we cure:

– Coronary artery disease
– Peripheral arterial disease
– Cerebrovascular disease
– Renal artery stenosis
– Aortic aneurysm

Meet Our Doctors

Our reconstructive surgery department consists of many seasoned and skilled doctors, who enhanced thousands of lives throughout the last 25 years our clinic’s operations in business. This list displays 3 most senior specialists we have here:



Psychothérapeute Hypnothérapeute

Mes domaines d’intervention: -Hypnose - addiction ( tabac, gestion du poids ) -Gestion des troubles alimentaires -Traitement des phobies - Gestion du stress, des problèmes
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Dr Jean-François Arnoulet

Dr Jean-François Arnoulet

Spécialiste en médecine générale

Diplômé de la faculté de médecine de Marseille Installé à Chorges depuis 1976 CES de médecine du sport Médecin conventionné secteur 1
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Treatment Plans

Each specific case is different in its own way, but our plans vary as well! Here’s the list of the most popular services that our plastic surgery department offers:

  • Nose job $155
  • Breast implants $145
  • Ear pinning $135
  • Breast augmentation $125
  • Eyelid lift $115
  • Face lift $105
  • Tattoo removal $100
  • Cosmetic surgery $155
  • Facial reconstruction $145
  • Head & neck reconstruction $135
  • Liposuction $125
  • Pediatric plastic surgery $115
  • Skin care $105
  • Tummy tuck $100